Vacation Stay
Q: I have never been to Miri/Sarawak/Malaysia. Will there be anyone receiving me at airport?
We understand the anxieties involved when it comes to traveling to a foreign country for the first time. To ease your mind on your journey to Miri, we provide Airport Reception Service (ARS) at no extra cost. All you need to do is to fill up the ARS Form at least 5 working days prior to your arrival, our representative will meet you at Miri Airport and transfer you to your University Accommodation (if you have already been offered a place).Q: What are the choices of on-campus accommodation? Can I live off-campus?
The on-campus / University Accommodation currently has on it’s list: Lakeside Apartment 1& 2, Curtin Village, Curtin Villa and Curtin Water. For more information about each of these accommodations, click here.To apply for University Accommodation, you need to complete the booking form and submit to Housing Services by due date.All international students are advised to live on-campus for a minimum of 1 year before moving to off-campus accommodation, to get themselves more familiar with the environment.

Q: Do I need to attend Orientation Week? If yes, when should I arrive at the campus?
The University requires compulsory attendance during Orientation Week. The Orientation programmes are specially designed by the Student Services staff members & the Student Council, aiming to help new students to get to know the staff (administration & academics), the facilities, and fellow course-mates. The entire experience during the Orientation Week is to give you a good start to your higher education.  The Orientation Week normally begins with Registration. The date & time are indicated on your Letter of Offer.

Q: What if I am on holiday when you offer me accommodation?
If you have applied University accommodation online, you can check your application status HERE!. Our online services enable you to access and accept the accommodation offer anywhere in the world. If you have applied for private accommodation, you will receive an e-mail from Housing Services informing you that the private provider will be contacting you with regards to the contract by e-mail directly.

Q: Are there deadlines I should know about?
YES. Makesure you meet the deadlines outlined in the calendar at Housing Calendar. Refer to it often and mark the dates on your calendar.

Q: What is my room number?
Room details will be disclosed upon check in.

Q: Can I move in early?
Students are strongly advised not to arrive at their designated residences BEFORE the specified checkin date as the Housing Office cannot guarantee the availability of accommodation prior to the specified date.

Q: May I decorate my room? Can I put posters up in my room?
No, you cannot paint or alter your room in any way. The following items are not permitted in on campus accommodations: pets, insects, reptiles or animals of any kind, candles or any other naked flames, oil burners, lava lamps and incense sticks.

Q: Standard Curfew Hours?
Monday – Sunday 10:00pm – 7:00am
During exams and other specified periods, there standard times may change.

Q: Can I smoke?
Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the buildings.

Q: Do I have to do my own cleaning?
You are responsible for the upkeep and cleaning of your bedroom. You are also responsible for making sure the communal areas are clean at all time.

Q: Where can I do my laundry?
Coin operated laundry machines are available at all University accommodation.
You can change the coin required at Housing Services.

Housing Services also provide Pick-up & Delivery Laundry Service. Please come to Housing Services for details.
Q: Where can I get shuttle bus schedule?
Kindly download from http://www.curtin.edu.my/future/shuttle.htm

Q: What happens if there is a maintenance problem in my room/flat/unit?
You must report issues to Housing Services immediately. Kindly submit online “Housing Services Request Form

Q: How long does it take for repairs?
It depends on the seriousness of the problem. All repair work is scheduled using a priority system. Emergency repairs are completed first followed by maintenance jobs and then aesthetic work. Visit Housing Services for detailed information on priorities and estimated timelines for repairs.

Q: What are the costs? Am I responsible for paying for damages?
If your room is damaged at any time during the tenancy period you are responsible for paying the repair bill. You are also responsible for paying for any furniture that is missing from your room. Room furniture must remain in your room; you cannot paint or alter your room in any way. Common room and other public area furniture are not to be removed from its location nor can personal furniture be set up in these areas. Common repair and replacement costs are available at accommodations’ notice board.

Q: Who do I call if I have a problem and the offices are closed?
Security and/or Resident Assistants (RAs) are around to help with after hour maintenance request, lock out, emergency etc.
In case of EMERGENCY within the Campus Premises: DIAL 085- 443930 / 443999

Important Contacts:

Police Station
District Police Headquaters:

Lutong, Police Station:

Fire and Rescue Departments
Miri Fire and Rescue:
Miri General Hospital:
Miri City Medical Centre:
Columbia Asia Medical Centre:

Q: What happens if I want to move out before the end of my tenancy period?
Your rental will be forfeited if you move out before the end of tenancy period.

Q: What happens if I don’t get on with my flat mates/have a problem?
Within the department there are a number of routes you can take to deal with anti social behaviour from your neighbours depending on the nature of the behaviour. You can call security or resident assistants (RAs) and make a formal complaint to Housing Services.

Q: What if I don’t like my room, when I get there, can I move?
Not in the first instance. We don’t allow residents to move rooms until after week five of the academic session so that any vacancies can be used immediately for those applicants still on waiting New Students Current Residents Others list. After week five, you may make an application to move rooms which will be considered. If we can, and you do move rooms, you will be expected to pay an administration fee of RM 50.00.

Q: Can I have a guest to stay?
Any student wishing to have overnight guests must seek permission, in writing, from Housing Services, who must take due account of fire/safety implications and, in twin sharing rooms, of the interests of your room mate. Housing services will withdraw permission for guests to remain if their behaviour is deemed antisocial or unacceptable in any way.

Q: What is my postal address on campus?

Lakeside Apartment,
Your name & handphone #,
Flat # Room #,
Lakeside Apartment,
Curtin University Sarawak Malaysia,
CDT 250, 98000 Miri,
Curtin Villa,
Your name & handphone #,
Unit # Room #,
Curtin Villa,
Jalan Maigold,
Taman Desa Senadin Ph 3C,
98100 Miri,
Curtin Water 2,
Your name & handphone #,
Unit # Room #,
Curtin Water 2,
Jalan Perkasa 7A,
Off Jalan Desa Senadin,
98100 Miri,

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