Private Accomodation

Accommodation is an important consideration while you are living far from home. You should arrange for alternative accommodation before you leave your home country if you have not secured on campus accommodation for the duration of your course. Curtin Housing Services has prepared the following guideline to help facilitate your arrangement of alternative accommodation.

  • Budget: Work out your budget. Be realistic.
  • Transport: Is it easily accesible & convenient to get Curtin Shuttle Bus?
  • Size of Room: Determine your preference of Single/ Twin sharing room.
  • Date Available: When can you move in?
  • Inclusive: Furnished, partially furnished or unfurnished.
  • Searching: Search through; Housing Agent; Landlord
  • Viewing: It is important to view & inspect the room before going into any agreement.
  • Selecting: Do not rush your house/ room search as it could hinder your ability to make the right choice. Make a list of each room you have viewed to allow easy comparison.
Once you have confirmed the room that suit your preference, the agent/ landlord will prepare the “Tenancy Agreement” – an obligatory contract to lease the room.


1. Tenant & Landlord Details.

2. Payment Terms: Rental due date & Mode of payment.

3. Rental Deposit: How much refundable deposit is paid for lease term?

4. Inventory Content.
5. Termination of lease: How many month notice needed?


Moving In
1.  Examine the property thoroughly against the Tenancy Agreement and the Inventory of Contents before signing.

2.  Highlight any discrepancies/defects to the Landlord immediately and request for it to be fixed/replacement. This can avoid potential misunderstanding when you are moving out.

Moving Out
1.  The property must be in a clean and livable condition.

2.  Ensure Inventory items are in same condition it was when you moved in.

3.  Landlords have the right to deduct any expenses out of your deposit if defects were found.